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Success Cases

Cevimar Luxury Appliances

Cevimar Eletrodomesticos de Luxo - Sucesso em Marketing - Burlamaqui Marketing

Leader in the Luxury Appliance Market in Paraná and Santa Catarina

Cevimar Luxury Appliances - In 2020, it is the leading company in the highly disputed luxury appliance market, for Paraná and Santa Catarina. Reselling in its store the main brands of the Luxury Market and being the first souvenir of the segment in the A + public, it still counts on our consultancy to conquer more and more expressive positions in its segment.

However, in 2011 there was a great challenge: despite being economically sustainable, the company was not very profitable. The few existing customers and partners were very satisfied, but the company was not making progress towards growth.

Consultancy carried out between 09/2011 to the present day. 
Our 1st customer who is in his 9th contract renewal. 

Esse caso de sucesso foi notícia no portal Mundo do Marketing – um dos maiores portais especializados em Marketing do Brasil.
Também foi notícia no portal Anuário ABAD, da Associação Brasileira dos Atacadistas e Distribuidores. 


Cevimar - excellence in Luxury Market

Active since 2003, the Cevimar started operations with a small commercial representation from a manufacturer of hoods for luxury kitchens. Until 2011 - thanks to the intelligence, management and excellent relationship of the executive Celso Martynetz - the company gained gradual credibility and earned the right to represent more and more Luxury Brands for kitchens, including: Lofra, Bertazzoni, Liebherr, Mekal, InSinkErator and some others.

It also had a small show room, semi-improvised, in an upscale neighborhood of Curitiba. Always operating with operational and service excellence, it maintained a healthy partnership with some important architects and high-end furniture stores. However, without being able to transform his praise into growth in the customer base and in turn, in turnover.

To face the challenge of how to grow in the Luxury Market, our company - Burlamaqui Marketing and Strategic ConsultingBurlamaqui Marketing and Strategic Consulting


Project challenges

The company did not have any market positioning. Until then, the need to build a Strong Brand had never been prioritized.

The processes of Marketing it's from Commercial management they did not exist, and there was no process regarding Communication with the market. Everything that existed at that time was great feeling commercial and owner relationship in some stakeholders of the segment. The company was anonymous to the absolute majority of its potential customers. There was no way to even find the company by a simple Google search.

More traditional competitors in the market were already well known and had better structured stores.

In addition, the company's low profits enabled minimum resources to invest in growth.

Our challenge was - overcoming all these difficulties - to enable growth, brand recognition and scale sales.


How we got to the positive results

With this challenge in our hands, the Burlamaqui Marketing team needed to develop a Business Strategy for Cevimar to be more competitive than its competitors.

And based on our methodology inspired by the most recognized scholars in Marketing and Management, we started our work.


Initial studies

To find out how to draw up a Strategy, we started a journey of immersion in the client and its segment.

Observing the day-to-day business, we built several perceptions about the behavior of managers, the sales team and consumers in that context. As this perception is insufficient, we are also dedicated to knowing: the competition, other operations in the luxury market and consumers in their broad experience and with the products of the segment.

In addition, we deeply analyze our client's strengths and weaknesses, as well as that of other competitors in this market.


The Strategy

Based on the initial studies, it was possible to map the main points of improvement needed.

Keeping in mind always the consideration that the objective of Marketing is to generate customers willing to buy, we moved forward in our analyzes to define how Cevimar could be highly motivating for end customers' purchases, more than its competitors could be.

Therefore, we mapped the excellent existing operation to Proposta de Valor of the company and we structure processes to internally strengthen it. And externally, evidence such differentiation through the breakdown into Brand Positioning.


The Brand

Previously inexpressive in the market, to grow Cevimar needed to stand out in this market with such high demands that it is the luxury market.

To this end, we build all the Brand Strategy processes; its positioning, symbolization of attributes, personality and alignment with consumers' desires. Such Brand Management processes were solidly based on the opportunities for Value Building that were not seen by the competition, since from the beginning of our consultancy they aimed and were successful in achieving the increase of the Market Share, do Brand Equity and, obviously, consumer preference.

With our support, the Cevimar Brand now has a new and excellent Brand Identity System, fully aligned with the strongest needs of the luxury consumer in the segment. Thus we symbolize: elegance, excellence and sophistication - in a unique and distant way from the usual fussiness of other brands.


The processes

Once the Brand Management provided us with clear guidelines, it was (and still is) possible to establish solid procedures and tactics regarding the main fields of Integrated Marketing Communication of the company: Digital, Trade, Direct and Sales.

Instead of using advertising campaigns, we work with the Continuous Reinforcement of Brand Enhancement platform. Making all company communications timeless and fully grounded in the unique and differentiated Value Proposition within the segment.

The Digital Strategy continues to improve continuously, enabling the Marketing Omnichannel and within a sales funnel consistent with the universe of luxury. We are dedicated to end-to-end excellence in all procedures, maintaining the perfect integration between each small step of digital operations until the orientation of the impeccable experience at the point of sale.

And so, we go from Branding to SEO, from traditional advertising to direct marketing, always capitalizing on the Relevance of the Brand in its segment.


The years pass and the challenges increase

The market does not stand still waiting for our progress. New competitors appear and companies from other markets attack our markets through e-commerce, while old competitors reduce prices beyond healthy in an effort to undermine our improvements.

However, we work to keep Cevimar always ahead of the position we help to conquer. No e-commerce exceeds our Service Design so far and our Brand Awareness remains unsurpassed in the memory by clients, architects and interior designers.


Results achieved by 2020

  • Leading brand for Paraná and Santa Catarina, in the luxury appliance segment.
  • Aumento de 800% no faturamento em 9 anos.
  • 80% increase in sales in the 1st year.
  • Leadership of the Curitiba market in the 3rd year.
  • Leadership of the Paraná market in the 5th year.
  • Market leadership in Paraná and Santa Catarina in the 8th year.
  • Several vendor awards as a regional and Brazilian “sales champion” in different years.
  • Largest turnover / employee ratio in the segment in Brazil.
  • 1º lugar orgânico no Google para mais de 15 palavras-chave relevantes do segmento.