Elevation Construction 

Operating since 1976, Construtora Elevação is one of the main engineering and construction companies in highly complex projects in Brazil.

1st and 2nd organic positions on Google, for the keyword "polyamide gas pipeline"
Construtora Elevação   Construtora Elevação 

Elevation Construction

Operating since 1976, the Elevation Construction is one of the main engineering and construction companies in highly complex projects in Brazil. With more than 600 works delivered in 12 Brazilian states, its main competencies include infrastructure works for sanitation, oil and gas and telephone operations.

However, in 2019 we solved a challenge: Promote the optimization of relevance on Google, for your gas pipeline services.

Project carried out between 07/2019 and 02/2020.

The Elevation Construction Company

Founded by Eng. José Antônio da Fontoura (in memoriam) in 1976, in 2019 it relied on solidity and tradition. A fact that led the company to be one of the main national references in the construction of infrastructure for the sanitation, telephone, oil and gas sectors. It has its corporate headquarters in Curitiba/Pr, where all behind-the-scenes operations that make day-to-day construction work possible are carried out.

With approximately 800 employees and more than 600 works delivered across 12 states in Brazil, it is a company recognized for its technical and ethical qualities. Featuring a rigorous program of compliance, is proud to have never been involved in unethical practices. Delivering 100% of your works on time, without abandonment and without failures.

With its significant successes, the company continues to evolve technically and in delivery capacity. This fact made it possible to carry out highly innovative works with a strong contribution to the use of sustainable fuels. For example, the construction of the largest polyamide gas pipeline in the world.

However, there was a challenge that solutions with our competencies in Growth Hacking in Marketing Digital: how to increase the visibility of such an important achievement, within the very restricted and segmented market of companies that rely on gas pipelines?

Challenge we encountered

The company itself had good management. It had excellent financial health, constant work and very well-defined work methodologies. Fruit of the excellent work of its founder, who found continuity in his son who took over the leadership.

As in the company's tradition, the vast majority of works had been delivered to public companies, the bidding department acquired great skill in developing strategies to win public tenders in an ethical manner - which, added to the solidity of the corporate structure, makes the company a great reference in the segment.

However, the company had new objectives: it wanted to gain visibility and sales in the private sector, where there was a huge untapped market to be reached and where market indicators showed good chances of demand growth.

And to achieve this goal, the company needed to overcome a series of challenges. The first of which is: the need to be recognized in one of its most recent and bold achievements, within the specific and difficult to access niche that is the technical communities of specialist engineers in the segment.

Our goal was to enable the visibility of the Brand and its achievements in this very specific niche, with the lowest possible investment.

Actions towards the objective

Strategic definitions

To win in adverse environments and with few resources available, the only way is to define the best Strategy.

Having considered the opportunities and difficulties to achieve the objective, we understand that the best way would be to build an SEO process (Search Engine Optimization) based on common search keywords from our stakeholders. And to have agility in meeting goals, we use skills Growth Hacking within an effective funnel Marketing Digital.

This approach took into account the low volume of searches in the segment and the very high payback in a single sale, in relation to gas pipeline works.


Operations performed

After carrying out initial tests on various hypotheses and execution modes, we confirmed that the best path would be to develop a new website on our own domain – the gasoduto.eng.br. This choice was due to the different purchasing processes carried out by potential customers, regarding the comparison between gas pipelines and the company's other works.

As the competitive segment as a whole is quite lacking in Marketing and Digital Marketing practices, we explored the opportunity generated by this. With the support of specialized partners of appropriate competence, we manage the development of a website suited to all the needs mapped out to achieve the objective,

Once development is complete, we optimize all performance in organic relevance on Google. Through our skills, we apply several optimization hacks, production of optimized content and improvements aimed at the effectiveness of operations, without using any procedures. black hat which would cause future damage to the customer.

We apologize for not revealing the technical details of the procedures used, this is done out of respect for client confidentiality.

We had absolute success in the activities carried out, where we placed Construtora Elevação in the best organic positions on Google for searches in its most profitable segments.

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