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Leading brand in Holistic and Alternative Therapies in the Curitiba (PR) region. However, in 2019, holistic therapists faced major challenges: how to gain a successful place in their market? How to properly sell services in a way that is consistent with your way of working?

Leading Brand in Holistic and Integrative Therapies in Curitiba
Daniel Martynetz Terapeuta Holístico  Daniel Martynetz Terapeuta Holístico

Daniel Martynetz

Today (2022), it is the Leading Brand in Holistic and Alternative Therapies in the region of Curitiba (PR). However, in 2019, holistic therapists faced major challenges: how to gain a successful place in their market? How to properly sell services in a way that is consistent with your way of working?

Consultancy carried out between 02/2019 and 06/2019.
Occasional mentoring carried out until 05/2021.

Daniel Martynetz and Holistic Therapy

Upon entering the Psychology course in 2008, Daniel soon discovered a concern: he was not fully aligned with the recognized scientific thinking that is mandatory for the proper exercise of the activity of Psychologist, in accordance with the rules of the Federal Council of Psychology.

He increasingly approached humanistic, spiritual and holistic approaches to treating emotional pain. So much so that, upon graduation from the Bachelor's degree in Psychology and immediate exchange in Japan, he chose not to obtain professional certification in the area initially and begin his activities as a Holistic and Integrative Therapist.

Aligned with strict ethical bases, he never advertised himself as a Psychology professional and always highlights the differences between his work and that of Psychologists before being hired by his clients.

One fact caught the therapist's attention: His clients/patients were deeply satisfied with the work carried out, obtaining positive results that they had not imagined in very quick terms, being extremely grateful for the improvement in their spiritual and emotional pain.

However, this high quality of services was not reflected in the acquisition of new customers. And not even in the willingness of clients already undergoing treatment to invest more appropriate amounts for the service provided. A fact that worried Daniel even when it came to the possibility of continuing to work in accordance with his beliefs.

Therefore – and after countless attempts to overcome this challenge – the holistic therapist chose to invite our company to build the Strategy and Processes that would ultimately lead to an agenda full of satisfied clients and who invest fairer values, from the therapist's perspective. Including a healthy waiting list…

Analyzing the problem

At that initial moment, we found that there were competitors already better positioned in the market and that they had tools that had not yet been adopted by our client.

It was also necessary to carry out an in-depth analysis of the regulatory standards of the CRP/Pr (Paraná Regional Psychology Council), in order to avoid any confusion between the concepts and activities related to Psychology, in relation to the different activities that fall within the scope of Holistic Therapies and Integrative. Which in turn are not regulated.

Furthermore, the therapist lacked any strategic business foundation: There was no well-defined Value Proposition, there was no clear Positioning or any other analyzes necessary for building a Strong Brand, aimed at leading the segment.

Your Brand, at the time called Amaterasu Therapies, was devoid of strength and preference in the market.

Within the consultancy, our challenge was:
1. Define the Strategy
2. Structure Brand Management
3. Structure Marketing Operations with low investment
4. Transform great Customer Experience into Brand Authority.
5. Obtain expressive results.

Strategic Marketing for market leadership.

Step One: Initial Perceived Value

With the responsibility of generating performance for the Daniel Martynetz (and to make your practice financially sustainable), we dedicate our attention to what the Brand's behavior should be like to positively influence consumers: who would they be? What motivates them to seek Integrative Therapies? What motivates them to seek Holistic Therapy instead of the scientism of Psychologists?

Together with the therapist, we dedicated ourselves to understanding how he saw his own work, as well as how satisfied patients saw the same thing.

Furthermore, we put a lot of energy into understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the best-placed competitors on the market. And how they would articulate this to bring customers to their service spaces.


Step Two: Strategy

Understanding the factors involved in the success of the practice Daniel Martynetz Holistic Therapy, the time has come to develop and execute the Strategy.

Initially considering the initial studies and our solid repertoire of knowledge in Marketing It is Management, we identify huge opportunities to make the Brand significantly more attractive to potential customers/patients.

We reached a clear definition of what the Value Proposition would be, what processes would be adopted to generate Competitive Advantage and based on these elements, we defined what the Strategic Brand Management platform would be – due to our understanding that the Brand is the main asset financial aspect of any business in the contemporary world.

In this way, it was possible to define a clear narrative in all aspects – verbal, non-verbal and visual – that allowed establishing the desired symbolic perception in the mentality of the target audience. Expressing the most favorable side of true facts regarding the holistic therapist's work system, it was possible to establish a feedback process from the Brand Equity.


Step Three: Infrastructure

Since the scope of our consulting project was limited to Branding implementation, we needed to build the fundamental points of contact with the Brand that would allow the therapist to begin their journey towards success.

Having defined the entire Brand Strategy and paths, it was necessary to establish tangible elements of contact and interface with the customer: such as the Brand Identity System and organic digital communication channels. Everything is defined according to the holistic therapist's low investment capacity at this initial moment.

As the resources available are minimal, we prioritize tools Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online reputation and low-investment promotional materials.

Furthermore, the client was trained to develop actions on their own and to optimize the patients' experience in the pre-consultation period, when deciding whether to start a therapeutic process or not.

Results achieved

  • Permanent occupancy of 100% on the agenda in the pre- and post-pandemic periods, since 08/2019 (except at the show),
  • Improvement of 70% in the investment obtained per session, in the period between 05/2019 and 05/2022.
  • Waiting line with an average of 30% of service capacity.
  • Emergence of interest in the acquisition of complete therapeutic packages, on the initiative of patients.
  • 1st organic place on Google for the top 4 keywords in the category.
  • Construction of the position as the most recommended Holistic Therapist in Paraná.
  • Positive balance of resources that enabled the expansion of the activity, enabling the opening of Sankta Espaço Terapêutico.
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