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How we helped the world leader in the wheels and casters market to increase its Brand Awareness in 500% in the Brazilian market. 

Formation of a waiting list to purchase houses from the construction company
DaVivian Casas Populares  DaVivian Casas Populares

Since the beginning of “Minha Casa, Minha Vida”, Vivian Martynetz has converted her 20 years of previous experience in civil construction to the construction of the best houses within the “tier 1” standard of this housing program.

Using a more improved business strategy than that of competitors, the engineer acted autonomously by investing in materials, architecture and labor that enable superior quality in the category, a fact that already enabled considerable commercial success.

With the change in rules for builders at Caixa Econômica Federal, the obligation to open a company also generated the opportunity to transform tradition into a Strong Brand, greatly expanding the Competitive Advantage compared to competitors in the category.

Therefore, our branding consultancy was invited to develop and implement all tools and processes related to Brand Management.

From mapping the Value Proposition, to building the Brand language and defining all communication to strengthen Brand Value – we have developed an effective approach that strengthens the consumer's certainty that they are making the best choice.

From knowledge of the Brand to After-Sales, the company whose name we developed as DaVivian Construtora works entirely to delight the consumer – a fact that makes the company incomparably the favorite for purchasing your own home in the Rio Bonito, Campo do Santana and Tatuquara neighborhoods, in Curitiba.

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