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Success Cases

Engecivil Building Restoration

Engecivil - logotipo by Burlamaqui Marketing

Recovery of market leadership in the segment

Engecivil Restauração Predial - Despite being the leading company in the building maintenance segment in Curitiba, in 2011 Engecivil faced a serious difficulty: the sudden death of its founder Paulo Asinelli.

Consultancy carried out between 08/2012 and 07/2013. 



Company with more than 20 years in the market, Engecivil started its trajectory as a small company of Civil Engineering and Execution of Works. Until 2013 - thanks to the entrepreneurship, competence and charisma of Eng. Paulo Asinelli, its founder - the company found opportunities and specialized in the complex Building Maintenance segment. Acting in the renovation and maintenance of vertical buildings, work at height and industrial facilities, it has grown continuously until reaching the position of Leading Brand in 2011.

Unfortunately, due to the sudden death of its founder, the company had entered into serious difficulties that generated several doubts about the survival of the business and the maintenance of the employees' jobs.

After a few months without the board finding a solution for business continuity, our company - Burlamaqui Marketing and Strategy Consultancy - was called to overcome this difficulty.


Challenges we encounter
The company lacked Strategy effective. Until then, it had never considered important to have definitions in its business processes or Marketing, as well as in its sub-processes such as Brand Management and Design Management.

Facing the absence of its founder for the first time, Engecivil saw its sales drop dramatically in a few months. Until then, the Brand Value perceived by the market came from the Personal Brand of that founder.

In addition, competitors used it in bad faith to spread rumors in the market that led consumers to believe that the company would end its activities without completing the contracted works.

The former market leader had plummeted in consumer preference and found itself heading towards financial collapse.

Our challenge was to save the company from bankruptcy and regain market leadership.

From Strategy to Objective

With this great challenge under our responsibility, the Burlamaqui Consultoria team had the mission of designing and effectively executing a Business Strategy so that EngeCivil would return to the leadership of the building maintenance market in Curitiba.

Following our methodology based on the most recognized scholars in the universe of Management and Marketing, we started to execute our mission.

Initial studies
Initially, our team carried out the study of the profile of stakeholders involved in purchasing the services. Because since the role of Marketing is to “generate customers willing to buy”, it is always necessary to understand who that customer would be and all the influencers in their decision-making process.

We also studied the profile of the main companies in the segment and their respective behaviors in the market, mapping their strengths and knowing their weaknesses that could be exploited for Engecivil's success.

Finally, we study the internal environment to understand the main Value Levels to be explored within the Brand Essence.


Repositioning the Brand and the Company

Once all the main points of improvement needed were mapped, it was time to develop and execute the Strategy.

Through the previous study, we identified several opportunities for the Construction of Value, for the Valuation of the Brand and for the improvement of processes that would lead to an increase in the Market Share and Market Positioning - making the most important point viable: the buyer's preference gain.

We start with Brand Repositioning and all its identity. Just as all Brand Management processes were previously non-existent, all the unfolding representative of the Brand Personality was confused and unable to translate the company's delivery capacity to the consumer. Situation that we remedy by developing a new Brand Identity appropriate to its new Strategy.

The New Brand Identity was successfully measured in highlighting important elements of competence in Civil Engineering, such as rationality, organization and planning. Without giving up characteristic features of the company's previous success.


New positioning, new processes

All Integrated Marketing Communication was restructured, reducing costs and increasing relevance and impact - which generated exponential improvements in the volume of budget requests. Following our work philosophy, we do not guide the production of Advertising Campaigns - we adopt the Continuous Reinforcement of Brand Enhancement platform, as we understand the Brand as the main economic asset of any company.

In addition, we developed the entire Engecivil Digital Strategy, taking the company to its first effective steps of Omnichannel Communication - that is, integration of promotional communications on and offline. Building, at the time, a solid organic relevance on Google.

Finally, we structured the new commercial area and its operators, with CRM processes, relationship management and tactical sales processes. Competencies that increased the volume of sales made in comparison with the budget requests received - and previously optimized.

Results in 12 months

  • Recovery of the Leading Brand position in the segment
  • 300% increase in the volume of budget requests compared to the previous annual cycle.
  • 80% increase in revenue in 12 months.
  • Brand Repositioning
  • Effective implementation of the Business Strategy
  • Effective implementation of the Marketing Strategy
  • Structuring of the Commercial Department.
Engecivil - Papelaria - by Burlamaqui Marketing
Engecivil - Folder - by Burlamaqui Marketing
Engecivil - portaria - by Burlamaqui Marketing