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Engel Lawyers

Engel Rubel

Leading Brand in Consumer Law in Curitiba Square

Engel Advogados – Today (2020), it is the Leading Brand in Advocacy for the defense of Consumer Rights in the region of Curitiba. However, in 2013, the office led by Lawyer Julio Engel presented a challenge: how to get out of anonymity and move towards growth in the highly competitive business of Advocacy.

Consultancy carried out between 06/2013 and 05/2014. 
Complementary operation carried out between 10/2015 and 02/2016. 


Engel Lawyers

Founded in 2008 by lawyer Julio Engel, the law firm Engel Lawyers developed its trajectory with a competent activity of practice in Civil Law, with a strong development in Consumer Law.

Always structured in solid studies of the jurisprudence involved in each type of action, they quickly managed to develop an agile and scalable model for the management of lawsuits. Fact that allowed to attract many customers, maintaining the excellent service and quality in the defense of justice for its customers. All strictly respecting the rigorous ethical standards of the Law Firm.

With that, the law firm achieved a certain level of organic growth in the volume of lawsuits conducted by the team. Because they received a considerable volume of referrals from satisfied customers, which enabled reasonable financial health.

However, there was a major management challenge: Despite the huge demand, competition within all segments of the legal profession is strongly fierce. And the Strategies and Tools that could be used to stand out from competitors and build customer preference for Engel Advogados were unknown - within the firm.

Thus, after facing this challenge, the leadership chose to invite our company - Burlamaqui Consultoria de Marketing e Estrategia - to build the Strategy and Operations that would lead the legal office to growth.


Challenges we encounter

At that initial moment, the company lacked Positioning and Strategic analysis to overcome its competitors. There was - and still is - a gigantic volume of competitors in the segment, a volume that in turn increases every day.

The ethical standards of the OAB / Pr are quite strict regarding the Legal Marketing and considerably restricts promotional operations for all organizations in the segment, which characterized an extra challenge.

There was no well-defined Value Proposition and there were several processes that needed to be structured in order to build a Strong Brand, which would be able to become a Leader. In addition, there was still no definition of how the Brand Management.

Our challenge was:

  1. Develop the Strategy
  2. Structuring Legal Marketing
  3. Deploy operations
  4. Reach expressive results.


Legal Marketing for Success

Step one: people and competitive environment

With the responsibility to generate performance for Engel Advogados in our hands, we dedicate our initial attention to the analysis of clients: who are they? what motivates them to seek justice? what makes them prefer a lawyer or another? and how could we act to motivate people to seek what is fair to them?

And internally, what would be the team's understanding of its role in the success of customers? would they understand that they needed to act together and in the same direction to reinforce the brand's goals?

We also devote great energy to understanding who the competitors would be and what they offered to bring customers to their offices.

Of course, we have mapped the mandatory restrictions regarding OAB ethical standards in detail, so as not to generate any risk of damage to the office.


Step two: Strategy

Understanding the factors involved in the success of Engel Advogados, the time has come to develop and structure the Strategy.

Based on initial studies and our solid background of knowledge in Management and Marketing, we have identified great opportunities to make the Brand much more attractive to potential customers.

We clearly defined what the Value Proposition would be, the means to generate Competitive Advantage and through these approaches, we defined which would be the Strategic Brand Management platform - the main asset of any organization in the contemporary world.

In such a way and considering the absence of strategic processes prior to our work, it was possible to define what the Brand Positioning would be and develop the strategic design of its entire Identity - in its visual, sensory and customer experience aspects. Everything based on consumer behavior studies.

By dedicating a special role to Strategic Design, we managed to align the perception of the Brand with the real superior quality of services - a fact proven by the large volume of victories in court in favor of customers. For it is not enough to be, it is necessary to look like what you really are; when we try to compete successfully in a market.

The New Brand Identity was successfully attested to highlighting the core elements of competencies in the universe of Engel Advogados.


Step three: Operations

Considering that the processes were being developed within a design methodology - that is, one thing at a time and each thing in its order - after the construction of the Strategy, it was time to execute the actions that made the objectives possible.

All Integrated Legal Marketing Communication was designed on two operational fronts: Digital Marketing and Relationship Marketing, the only categories allowed within ethical standards.

Always attentive to the respectability of the office, all Digital Marketing was developed from a friendly Conversion Funnel. Subtle enough for the client not to feel pressured, but persuasive enough to not discourage the choice.

With the contribution and co-creation of lawyer Julio Engel, we also structured the entire new Relationship area and integrated the Client Management process fully, from the beginning of the legal marketing funnel to the conclusion of the lawsuit.

We also had great success co-developed in mapping Customer Value for the business, as well as in optimizing the relationship to retain the best customers in the portfolio in future legal needs.


Results in both cycles

  • 80% increase in ethical customer acquisition.
  • Leading Brand - position maintained in 2020 - for Consumer Advocacy in Curitiba.
  • 1st organic Google place for 10 highly relevant keywords in the category.
  • Invitations for interviews of the partners at Tv Justiça and Rádio Justiça, without counting on any press office.
  • Effective implementation of the Business Strategy.
  • Effective implementation of the Marketing Strategy.
  • Implementation of performance in Branding - Brand Equity, Brand Awareness and Loyalty.
  • Structuring of Strategic Design processes.