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Success Cases

Symnetics Consulting / Tantum Group


700% increase in digital interactions with the Brand

Symnetics Consultoria / Tantum Group - Brazilian operation of the multinational Consulting Group for large organizations, is present in 11 countries under the umbrella of the Tantum Group brand.

Among its main competences, it has a solid foundation in Strategy Management, Change Management and Analysis of future scenarios.

However, in 2014, he faced a challenge: he had no engagement on his social media in proportion to his Brand Relevance.

Project carried out between 02/2015 and 01/2016.


A Symnetics

Globally present in the Tantum Group brand, Symnetics has been operating in Brazil since 1990. With unquestionable competence in Strategic Consulting, in 2015 it was a brand Top of Mind among Brazilian business consultancies.

In addition to repeated successes and several award-winning clients Hall of Fame of Execution Strategy, was also co-responsible for making major works from the administration universe available in Brazil. Between them: The Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Design, Strategy in Action, among several others.

Equipped with the main and most renowned consultants within the methodology Balanced Scorecard in Brazil at the time, it was a thriving company and constantly improving results. Situation that kept the company successively among the most remembered brands in its segment.

As it is appropriate for a company of such expressiveness, Symnetics had a Marketing team of the highest competence. However, a challenge caused concern: As the leading brand in its segment, what was missing to have corresponding performance in your Digital Marketing?

Without finding a solution to this need at the communication agency that served him, the Burlamaqui Marketing and Strategy Consulting foi selecionada para superar o desafio.


Challenges we encounter

The company had a very strong Brand - the leader of its market. However, there was a need for improvement to expand the scope of this relevance.

Apesar da altíssima competência dos gestores internos de Marketing, era necessário um olhar mais próximo das ferramentas digitais e suas alavancas de Performance, pois a empresa se fazia demasiado dependente de um único canal de vendas para manter seus resultados comerciais positivos.

Such a scenario leveled the Brand down with competitors who did not have the same track record of excellence and customer performance, but who had the same type of sales channel.

Our challenge was to expand the reach of the Brand exponentially, properly transmitting its Brand Equity.


Strategy, Tactics and Operations for the goal

With a great internal Marketing team, we work from an already well-established Brand Strategy of the company.

Our position in this team was to deploy the existing skills in effectiveness in the digital environment. And we fulfill our mission with excellence!


Initial studies

The first step was to revalidate the Buyer Personas From Stakeholders involved in Perception of Brand, considered the internal culture of the organizations that constituted the target audience. For even working in a B2B market (Business-to-Business, Companies for companies), we know that companies are made up of people and that these people make the purchase decision within companies.

Based on this understanding, we defined a tactical development that we should use in the brand's digital tools, according to the time and opportunity mapped within each tool.


Unfolding Branding on Digital

A Brand, in the perception of consumers, is like a person. To remain reliable, you need to follow the same “way of being” and the same pattern of behavior, otherwise it creates noise and misses the opportunity to re-affirm your Value Proposition - which tends to be forgotten by consumers.

Thus, we have developed a line of communication and paid media to combine all efforts in the objective: to display the right content, to the right person, at the right time and to achieve the right objective.

We rescued important and forgotten stories from the history of Symnetics, which contributed to the strengthening of the brand's Value Proposition and the community's interest in the content. And once interest is won, at the right moments of opportunity, we offer more financially viable services to the community in general - such as Strategy Management courses, which are much more accessible than consultancies.


Results obtained in the 12 months of our project

  • In the website
    1400% increase in new accesses.
    860% in new users.
  • Social media
    150% growth in engagement
    on average among the social media of the time.

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