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Business Consulting - Strategy and Management

Business consultancy in Brazil, leader in recommendations in the South Region!
According to Google Places

Business Consulting in Brazil - we work on improving your company's strategies, operations and processes, aiming at maximum effectiveness in the core objectives that are (or should be) those of any business - increase profits generating enchantment for customers, building and strengthening a Competitive Advantage position.

"The purpose of a company is to win and retain customers", already taught Theodore Levitt, who was one of the greatest thinkers in the business area.

Therefore, we started our business consultancy in Brazil by understanding the purchasing process and customer satisfaction. Not for what the organization would like or imagine it to be, but for the behavioral investigation of all decision makers (stakeholders) involved in the purchase of your products and services.

Based on such an understanding of consumer behavior (and relationships Business-to-Business are also closely dependent on consumer behavior), we carry out a comprehensive analysis of the business, finding ways to enable maximum business efficiency.

We use the knowledge developed by the great masters of classical administration, added to the most recognized contemporary studies and still using expertise developed over 18 years of work - we found a way to integrate Strategy, Marketing, Processes and Operations maximizing the Perception of Value for your customer. This approach led us to the position of most recommended company.

To maximize our clients' profits, we use a large intellectual base of authors and approaches, which you can ask us at any time. Our repertoire in management and strategy is constantly improved, based on the successes of business success stories that they make our company the most recommended business consultancy in the South and Southeast of Brazil, according to the public recommendations of our clients in the Google Places.

Main approaches we use: Effective Management, Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Small Data, Blue Ocean Strategy, Growth Hacking, Design Thinking, Business Design, Tomorrow's Management, among many and several others. In addition to our vast repertoire with regard to Marketing, Competitiveness and Management Brands.

If your company is in a brutal competition to sell for the lowest price, if your business has difficulty remaining profitable in the face of the crisis in Brazil and if your customers do not understand why they should choose you over your competitor - our business consultancy is the right tool to help you!

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The most recommended business consultancy in Southern Brazil, in the Marketing and Strategy categories.
According to Google Places


A skilled professional, Frederico knows the marketing environment like few others. He knows how to make a correct reading of the market and clearly visualizes market opportunities. His work is done with impeccable professionalism. Very ethical in his guidance and with an insight capable of propelling any organization to increase its results. He knows how to prepare and lay the groundwork for the organization to achieve the desired goals. He exceeded expectations when he identified and oriented about other problems in the organization. Highly recommended.

Roger Tabata de Campos Marketing Director at Hiperfarma

Fred's knowledge of Marketing and its tools is impressive. He is a professional who keeps himself constantly updated. Besides his knowledge of the Marketing literature, he is attentive to the environment variables, and constantly has insights that help a lot in the competitive positioning of companies. A serious, competent, and active professional, Fred performed with excellence during the period he was a consultant for Caruso Empadas. Someone to be recommended without reservation.

Guilherme Caruso General Manager at Caruso Empadas

Excellent professional, attentive and focused on growth. We have been working together for a few months now, but we already feel difference and return. Fair price and serious work.

Ana Paula Queiroz Commercial Analyst at Construtora Elevação

The marketing consulting work done by Frederico Burlamaqui was fantastic. After many years trying to find my place in the Holistic Therapy market, Fred used very well studied strategies and proved in practice how easy it was to grow in my market. After 4 months of having my website up and running with all the digital marketing strategies very well defined and executed, I doubled my clientele, crowded my client list and started to have a waiting list. I am very grateful to Fred for being able to provide me with a rapid professional rise and being able to work quietly, doing what I know how to do best.

Daniel Martynetz Daniel Martynetz Terapeuta Holístico

Frederico is an above average partner and professional. He has a high capacity to analyze and generate solutions that have proven to bring superior results. Always very involved in exceeding his clients' expectations, he becomes tireless in the search for alternatives that add value. I recommend Frederico with confidence!

Magnus Guerios CEO at Semblant Clínica de Estética

Working with Frederico is an amazing experience. A professional who simply breathes marketing, has the knowledge and the feeling to identify business opportunities and transform words into actions. Above all he is very ethical in his performance.

Fabio Guaragni CEO at Gaud Marketing Digital

Excellent professional! He has a detailed vision of the market to be explored, great suggestions, providing exemplary work. The results? Very good in a short period of time!

Vivian Martynetz General Director at DaVivian Construtora

Personalized service, on-demand, seeking high performance in the development of the works, in addition to following the project, actively participates in the meetings, discussing and presenting ideas! Marketing Expert!

Gustavo Gavião Operations Manager at Engel Advogados

Excellent professional, incredible person, has a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge and implements with mastery. Solves with a lot of objective !!!

Castro Pizzano Founder of Casa Treze Studio / Professor at Universidade Positivo

Super competent professional, organized and concerned with the results of his work. More than recommended!

Raphael Bernadelli Head of design Editora Intersaberes
Successful client successes, using our unique Marketing and Business Consulting methodology.