Forville Building Maintenance

From zero to top#3 in Brand Relevance in the segment in 4 months.

Even with Eng. Tadeu Forville's 40 years of technical competence, his company had difficulties in overcoming less competent competitors, but better positioned in the market. 
Forville Manutenção Predial  Forville Manutenção Predial

Forville Building Maintenance – Even with Eng. Tadeu Forville's 40 years of technical competence, his company had difficulties in overcoming less competent competitors, but better positioned in the market.

Consultancy carried out between 12/2018 and 04/2019.

From Fibonacci to Forville

Working as a Civil Engineer since 1980 in several reputable companies in the sector, in 2014 engineer Carlos Tadeu Forville chose to transfer his vast experience and knowledge to building his own business. At the time adopting the name Fibonacci Engineering and Constructions, the company found some opportunities and specialized in the complex Building Maintenance segment.

Working in the renovation and maintenance of vertical buildings, work at heights, industrial facilities and construction management at the service of Architects, the company had a small portfolio of clients between 2014 and 2018. It even faced periods without works and with low turnover financial situation, a fact that caused difficulties and also strangeness for its founder – who did not understand how he could be so praised by the clients he served, while having so many difficulties in acquiring clients outside of his relationship.

At the end of 2018 and knowing our expertise already applied in other companies in the sector, our company – our company – Burlamaqui Marketing and Strategy Consulting – was called in to overcome this difficulty.

Challenges we encountered

The company's central problem was to obtain customers, starting our investigative process into the reasons why customers choose competitors and not even ask for quotes for what was then called “Fibonacci Engenharia”.

To survey the factors that generated this enormous market challenge, we applied the following approaches:

  • Ethnographic research of stakeholders: Condominium managers, owners of apartments and commercial spaces and industrial maintenance engineers.
  • Carrying out mystery shopping with the five main competitors in the category, to analyze strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analysis of collected data and the marketing situation according to established Marketing literature.

This fact led us to the following discoveries:

  • The Building Maintenance market was strongly commoditized, without the perception of a clear difference between one company and another on the part of the buyer.
  • Most companies in the sector made their sales based on an already established customer base or even on the adoption of unfair competition measures.
  • In the absence of a differential, the Price factor became decisive in closing a budget – leading competitors to reduce quality in order to close deals.
  • The main market competitors had many complaints from their previous customers.

With this, our objectives became:

  • Define a clear Brand Positioning, which made what differentiated our client self-evident;
  • Establish a Brand Strategy to easily demonstrate why this company should be chosen;
  • Translate the trajectory of the company and its founder into a Value-generating storytelling to motivate purchases;
  • Finally enabling the generation of Sales.


From Strategy to Objective

With this major challenge under our responsibility, the Burlamaqui Consultoria team had the mission of designing and effectively executing a Brand Strategy so that Forville would have the necessary resources to follow its path towards leadership in the building maintenance market in Curitiba.

Following our methodology based on the most recognized scholars in the world of Management and Marketing, we began to execute our mission.


Initial studies

Initially, our team carried out a study of the profile of stakeholders involved in the purchase of services. Since the role of Marketing is to “generate customers willing to buy”, it is always necessary to understand who that customer would be and all the influencers in their decision-making process.

We also studied the profile of the main companies in the segment and their respective behavior in the market, mapping their strengths and understanding their weaknesses that could be exploited for the success of the company that was renamed Forville.

Finally, we study the internal environment to understand the main Value Levers to be explored within the Brand Essence.


Building a new Brand

The first point validated is that the company was only strong in technical aspects of Engineering, which were later adopted as “Forville's 5 values”: Efficacy, Empathy, Expertise, Economy and Excellence.

In business and marketing terms, the company had very low competitiveness: the name “Fibonacci” was difficult to understand and write by the average customer, who also did not immediately associate it with the famous mathematician who was being honored at the time. Its visual identity was confusing, overloaded with elements that gave a mistaken perception of low quality and incapable of adequately translating the desired Positioning to win customers.


The Positioning

Our challenge was to occupy a prominent position in desirability.

Facing a highly competitive market and with very little advertising budget, we needed to explore with maximum intelligence the resources whose only investment was in time and our expertise, which was already remunerated and would not generate additional costs.

In this way, we decided to attack a previously mapped weakness of competitors: since Engineers are the managers of their businesses, they tend to take Engineering thinking to activities that do not behave in a strictly mathematical way, such as economic competition and especially human behavior.

Based on this enormous opportunity, we chose to go beyond factors such as market timing and purely rational and engineering of the services to be provided, adopting Marketing fundamentals that would enable the memory desired by the potential client: a company that balances elegance and modernity, rationality and customer focus, specialist reference and validated processes.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to detail the entire process or methodology adopted, as this is a fundamental part of the expertise we sell.



Being necessary to change the name of the company – since it did not present a desirable design nor was it widely recognized in the market – we opted for the obvious: with the 40 years of professional career of engineer Tadeu Forville, his personal brand had considerable strength and recognition among colleagues from the Civil Construction technical community. Serving as a consistent foundation for a narrative of technical excellence built on decades of learning.

And as a new brand in the segment, it was essential to include an equally obvious brand signature to distinguish the business object. Thus defining the name Forville Engineering, Efficiencies and Building Maintenance.

And as a result of Search Engine Optimization and digital platforms, the abbreviation Forville Building Maintenance, already bearing in its name the keyword with greater sales potential on search engines like Google.

Being a surname with the following facilities: memorization, spelling, speaking, writing and is clearly differentiated.

In addition to carrying a series of symbolic aspects that favor the construction of desirable perceptions in the market.


The Brand

Preserving the process that is a fundamental part of our expertise, the elements adopted enabled solid differentiation compared to other players in the segment.

The logo and the entire Brand Identity system built make highly relevant aspects of Customer Value self-evident, such as:

  • Efficiency;
  • Efficiency;
  • Rationality;
  • Solidity;
  • Cleaning;
  • Elegance.

Furthermore, there are elements of clear personality and widely usable in all types of graphic and digital material, exponentially facilitating the work of advertisers and designers who work with the Brand in the future.


New positioning, new processes

All Integrated Marketing Communication was restructured to reduce costs and increase relevance and impact – which generated exponential improvements in the volume of budget requests. Following our work philosophy, we do not guide the production of Advertising Campaigns – we adopt the Continuous Reinforcement of Brand Valorization platform, as we understand the Brand as the main economic asset of any company.

Furthermore, we developed Forville's entire Digital Strategy, taking the company to its first effective steps in Omnichannel Communication – that is, integration of on and offline promotional communications. Building, at the time, solid organic relevance on Google.

Skills that exponentially increased the volume of budgets raised and made it possible to optimize relationships with previous contacts.

Results in 4 months

  • From scratch to the Top 3 most prominent brands in the segment in the Curitiba region.
  • 153% increase in the volume of quote requests compared to the previous annual cycle.
  • #1 in organic position on Google for the top 5 keywords for 20 months after project completion.
  • Definition of Brand Positioning.
  • Definition of Brand Strategy.
  • Construction of the Brand Identity System – Storytelling, Naming and Visual Identity.
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