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Marketing Médico em Caxias do Sul

Medical Marketing in Caxias do Sul – Are you looking for more and better patients? Do you want to increase your Positive Reputation among those who would be your ideal patients? Do you want to have your clinical activity recognized as the most desirable in your region and specialty? That's exactly what we do best! 

Achieving and exceeding these goals is our specialty, not just for medical, dental and therapeutic services. 

Our competence is structured on 20 years of studies and the largest documented portfolio of Success Stories, built on Brands of the most varied segments and sizes. Including, obviously, health services and medicine. 

But you still don't know our work, right? Well, let me give you a brief introduction!


How do we generate more patients using Medical Marketing in Caxias do Sul?

Today, counting on the support of high-level colleagues to enable maximum success for our medical clients, we have built our own consultancy methodology – which we adopt in our approach to Marketing Doctor in Caxias do Sul.

Firstly, our experience and studies have proven that the doctor who wins more patients is the one who generates confidence in hiring potential (leads, in marketing jargon) – and our consultancy is aimed at making your company the Brand of medical services most desired by patients!

In this way, we do much more than Advertising or Digital Marketing. We study your potential patient, your market, the levers for building desire and preference to finally, based on these analyses, build the right message to attract more and better patients to you.

Furthermore, we also enable your clinical activity to, after attracting the patient, conduct an impeccable Recruitment Journey that enables the maximum potential of scheduled procedures among those who have already been interested in your Brand of clinical services.

Using this methodology, we built a history of Success Stories in Medical Marketing made up of 100% clients who effectively built performance with our work.

I also highlight that everything is done in an absolutely ethical manner and respecting all the rules of the resolution CFM nº 1974/2001 (Medical Advertising Manual).


Definition of Marketing

Firstly, it is necessary to undo a major mistake in the definition of Marketing that is often adopted in the Brazilian market, not only in Medicine, but in much of the business world. 

A common situation is to confuse Marketing with Advertising or Mass Communication. These items are part of Marketing operations, but they are not the same thing and such confusion generates huge losses and delays when it comes to gaining patients – as it is a conceptual error that leads to a series of cascading decisions that reduce performance. 

It's even worse when Marketing is confused with easy demand generation tricks, ignoring the reality that it is the patient who will choose his/her doctor and that this is the real challenge of entrepreneurial activity in Medicine. 

In this way – adapting the definition of Ries & TroutMedical Marketing is the Strategy and Tactics that a specialist (or clinic) uses to win the market war

Before you get scared: this is a “war” in the figurative sense. No one is hurt, no one has their country devastated. It is a “war” for patient preference: if the treatment (or procedure, in areas of medicine not linked to pathologies) will be carried out by a specialist, all other specialists on the market are no longer chosen by the patient. 

This is good for doctors themselves and for patients: market competition generates preference for those who stand out, enabling careers with financial success that comes in return for a job well done. Often, if the doctor makes this choice, it is even possible to disconnect from health plans without losing your schedule. And the patient goes in search of specialists with the greatest positive reputation on the market, as the sensitivity of health demands demands. 

With the natural flow of a capitalist economy, new competitors emerge, others move to other markets and still others choose to dedicate themselves to other vocations. Therefore, it is necessary to always be looking to maintain a position at the top of patients' preferences. 

And of course, we are here to help our clients be the favorites in their field of expertise. 

To this end, we define and execute Strategies that build and reaffirm – with entirely true facts – the competence of our clients, how their stories and approaches differentiate them, how the narrative can be constructed to generate persuasion of the patient in this sense. And how the experience of a relationship with a specialist can reinforce this positive perception, generating recommendations and continuity of treatments.


What are the differences between Medical Marketing agencies and our consultancy? 

As we have studied the market, we have realized that the difference between services (and their results) is based precisely on the definition of the business and the behaviors derived from it.

What does the Marketing agency do?

As the name suggests, an agency is a broker of activities. An intermediary/enabler between a demand and an activity carried out. For example: If you order a website, the agency delivers a website to you.

They are dedicated to managing the production of logos, the production of websites, the management of social networks and activities of this type, as their main objective. And obviously, being remunerated for each of these items or for a combo of several of them grouped together.

Although it has become market jargon, a better definition for this company profile would be “medical advertising agency”.

It is not an activity dedicated to research and thinking about the patient's perception. There is no focus on analyzing how to get people to choose this specific doctor, simply because it is not their job. And it doesn't even have the methodology in place to do so. 

And from our point of view, the problem with this is that every doctor aware of market competition will have these same tools. However, with an agency, the Strategy that will make the doctor chosen or not is a problem for the doctor himself – who will have to specifically guide what he needs to see in the agency items. Often without a basis of study or marketing experience to do so, as management and business strategy are not typical skills in Medicine. 

We also emphasize that we have the deepest respect for the work of our colleagues in the agencies. And we understand that their work is structured this way because there is a market for this type of demand. However, we inform you to make the best choice possible for Doctors and Clinics. 

And what does Burlamaqui Marketing Consulting do? 

Our work is dedicated to making the Doctor who is our client the one who is preferred by patients with that demand.

If Medical Marketing is the Strategy and Tactics that a specialist (or clinic) uses to win the market war – then we develop strategies and tactics to make our client the patients’ favorite. 

We take most of the worries about building our own market niche off the shoulders of doctors and clinics. So that the specialist can dedicate himself to the activity to which he dedicated his life: the practice of Medicine. 

We don't promise magic: The doctor or clinic needs to follow our guidelines, they need to improve their relationship processes when necessary and they need to dedicate attention to the project. However, with much greater effectiveness, less time required from the agenda and, above all, without having to make decisions based on knowledge that you do not have – since we provide the knowledge. 

Applying our competence, methodology and solid marketing experience; We are recognized for taking our clients to leadership in their markets. 

We also facilitate most of the activities carried out by Marketing Agencies. However, our emphasis on Strategy allows the construction of a more effective journey: accelerating the construction of patient preference and avoiding the waste of precious resources and time – after all, for the doctor, time dedicated to promotional activities is time lost in consultations that are no longer carried out. 


Who we are – Frederico Burlamaqui and Team

We like to define ourselves as a team of Intelligences. We believe – and our belief is based on experience – that expertise In analyses, quality in planning and excellence in execution win over brute force and the volume of resources applied. And our customers benefit from this, obtaining maximum efficiency in generating profits.

I, Frederico Burlamaqui (you can call me Fred) I am the leader of this team and I personally coordinate all Marketing Consulting projects.

We have offices in Curitiba (PR), São Bento do Sul (SC) and Porto Alegre (RS), but we are a 21st century company guided by digital nomadism. Our employees meet for meetings and sprints, traveling to experiences and laboratories at clients in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo. We serve the entire South of Brazil and São Paulo.

I have worked with Marketing operations since 2001 and since 2007 with Digital Marketing operations, during which time I gradually went through all the main business activities: Marketing, at Management and in Processes, Creation and Operation.

After completing 10 years of experience and having already reached the position of Leadership of the Marketing Department in the last company I was employed at, I decided to follow the dream of having my own business – certain that there were more efficient ways that would generate greater profits for companies, a fact that I have proven in practice.

Today, having reached 20 years of experience in Marketing, I am responsible for this Today it is the most recommended Marketing Consulting in the Southeast and South of Brazil – according to customer opinions on the platform Google Places.


Medical Marketing – Why choose our consultancy?

In addition to our entire trajectory, methodology and impeccable history of Success Stories in Marketing and Management, here are some good reasons to count on our work:

  • Champion consultancy for public recommendations from clients in the South and Southeast of Brazil, in the categories Marketing It is Strategy.
  • 20 years of successful operation, generating successes in Paraná, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul – markets among the most competitive in Brazil.
  • Proven track record of competence in generating profits for health and medical services like yours.
  • Competence in integrating Management, Strategy, Marketing, Communication and Sales processes – increasing repurchase among your customers.
  • Book a coffee with me and I'll show you how I can help your healthcare company grow even more!

Fred Burlamaqui

Marketing Strategist with frequent public praise, Frederico Burlamaqui brings 19 years of experience and studies in the segment.

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